Unabhängige Anlagen und Vermögensverwaltung für Privatpersonen. Inhaber geführte Kundenbetreuung
Vermögensverwaltung und Anlagenberatung, Schweizer Unternehmen, Solvente Privatkunden
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The truth lies in the core
Present knowledge of what is developing and how
Calculable and continuous growth




Create feasible investment and asset opportunities


As an independent investment and asset management institute, Fuchs & Langen AG manages medium-sized and large private asset portfolios with a view to long-term development. Because we operate independently of any bank, we are able to select freely from among the top-rated, most creditworthy investments.


As a discerning client of Fuchs & Langen AG, you will find in us a partner that offers individually tailored investment solutions. Besides gaining access to our broad network of finance specialists, you will also benefit from favorable conditions at our custodian banks.




Calculable and continuous growth

Advisory services
People’s desire to let capital work for them is as old as money itself. Fuchs & Langen AG can help you make it happen. By choosing an “Advisory” asset management agreement and a “Discretionary” asset management agreement, you are laying the foundation for greater security and transparency in your portfolios.


Put the market to work for you. We help you devise your individual investment strategy, then compile the best tools for implementing it. The portfolios we recommend are aligned with your personal profitability targets and your stated risk tolerance to give you the greatest possible peace of mind..


For us, each new day brings new assessments of the national and international economy, the stock markets and the political climate. In our capacity as asset managers, our goal is to safeguard the portfolios we assemble for our clients. We therefore periodically analyze the chosen asset allocation to ensure that we are prepared to respond to any negative changes.


Once chosen, an investment strategy need not be carved in stone – it can change continually as a result of changing views. What value commitments do precious metals and other commodities entail? Which listed companies and corporations harbor fewer risks and are better able to adapt to changes? Economic developments and changes mean that these questions constantly influence our advisory and recommendation services.




Trust creates lasting relationships

Securities account review
Fuchs & Langen AG works with you to develop a clear investment strategy based on a defined investment period, risk capacity and risk tolerance. Of course we are also available to assist you in reviewing your securities account, which includes analyzing your current investment strategies and compiling a profile of the strengths and weaknesses of your investment products.


Our trading and portfolio expertise is reflected in how we implement your investment strategy. With our clients’ best interests in mind, we trade at fair prices on the stock market and buy and sell securities at attractive prices. Of course our service package is also available with a self-management option. To ensure the greatest possible transparency, we send you regular, easy-to-understand asset and account statements, and our e-banking system lets you check your accounts and access your portfolios any time you like – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




The journey of change


Fuchs & Langen AG had a successful past right from the start. Partners Marco Fuchs and Christoph Langen are experienced advisers, traders and portfolio managers. The company has a tight network of financial institutes and stock market experts – contacts that are successfully integrated into the day-to-day business of Fuchs & Langen AG.


Marco Fuchs
Founding partner

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Christoph Langen
Founding partner

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Rudolf Kircher

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Peter Seiler

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Achieving goals together


Only those who actively participate in the market independently can share our values. Fuchs & Langen AG is committed to offering flexible and competent services for its clients, and we rely on highly motivated associates to provide them.




Verified compentence leads to reliability

Success and security go hand in hand throughout the organizational structure and its management. Achieving this demands strict compliance with established standards. As an independent asset management institute, Fuchs & Langen AG is a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM), which attests to our company’s competence and compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.





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